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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wizard World Chicago 2010: Day One More on the Floor

In full "whatever happens, happens" mode, there were other observations ...

Ron Massengill told me he'd just found a variant of a Superman giveaway - after he thought he'd pretty much located all there were. I'm hoping to photograph it before show's end.

A dealer told me his booth price had gone up over last year's show and dealers are hoping the buyers turn out. (Yes, yes, that's a "my goodness, what a surprise" statement. Sorry. But they are expressing concerns.) One price I was quoted: a no-corner 10x20 booth was $2,150, up about $300 from 2009, as far as the dealer could recall.

Yes, Jim Johnson (who asked on Facebook), the "Press" credential is a wristband again this year.

One booth at the show was a Michael Fox-connected fund drive to fight Parkinson's Disease.

One publisher who is exhibiting is Avatar Press, and Brian Pulido handed me a promotional comic, Lady Death Premiere, that will be available widely in November. It marks the December launch of an ongoing Lady Death series from Avatar division Boundless Comics.


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