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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wizard World Chicago 2010: Day Two You Can Get Sketches

Mont Blanc
Mike and the buyer
And "sketches" may not be the right word. Mike Grell, for example, was working on an elaborate "sketch" at the Hero Initiative booth - and even someone (like me) who wasn't paying for the art could watch a pro at work. This was a lovely pencil drawing, and we got into such discussions as pencil-art technique (including using graphite shavings to tone the art and kneaded erasers to highlight it) - and he even showed off his fanciest pencil: a Mont Blanc $300 automatic he'd bought at O'Hare. The primary pencil he was using was a Eberhard Faber "shaker": "I don't have to moderate my grip." When I told him I'd quote him on that, he responded quickly, "OK, Eberhard Faber: Send me a case!" Just saying.


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