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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wizard World Chicago 2010: Day Two Where Are Media Celebrities?

Brent Spiner
Lindsay Wagner
Well, they're here. And you can see them and talk to them and get their autographs and - wow, isn't this great? A problem with this website is my general inability to post the number of photos the way I want to organize them, but let's see what happens if I just put a bunch of photos here. Note: If all you want to do is breathe the same air or be in the same room with such folks, there's no problem. And, if you've always enjoyed their work, you can say thanks by helping fund their visit: Pay for an autographed photo. Oh, and my ongoing tip for meeting a celebrity whose work you like: If you're a fan, you probably have a question you've always wondered about that work. This is your chance to ask that question. Worst-case scenario: The celebrity won't answer. Best-case scenario: You'll get information.
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