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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good News: I Achieve Best Buy Reward Zone Silver Status

The Bad News? I achieve Best Buy Reward Zone Silver Status.

Best Buy sent me a Silver Status card to demonstrate its "gratitude for your loyalty." What loyalty? The loyalty I'd displayed by (choke!) spending at least "$2,500 in eligible purchases" in 2009.

Oh, my gosh!

The good news: I get benefits including a 45-day extended return policy and 25% more points when I buy things from Best Buy. The bad news: No way will I maintain that Silver Status card after 2010. Because why would I spend at least $2,500 in eligible purchases in 2010?

But there's more good news-bad news: Since January 1, 2010, (1) my Compaq Presario R3000 laptop developed bad sectors, (2) the CD player in my 2004 Ford Focus quit working, (3) my 2005 Dell desktop computer's hard drive failed, and (4) my Sears Kenmore dryer began to make metal-on-metal squealing noises. In other words, I have spent much time at Best Buy in the first six weeks of 2010. Which means - huzzah! - I should easily qualify for that Silver Status card next year. Sob.


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