Comic-Con Hint: Use Your Camera to Take Notes

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jim Sokolowski
Dave Olbrich
Yesterday, I whined about not having time to post, if I also took time to be active in convention activities, and it continues to be true. In the moments I'm taking before leaving for the show, I downloaded a bunch more photos and realized that I can use pictures to remind myself of conversations that I'll be able to refer to later. Because I know full well that I will quickly otherwise be lost in a haze of dimly remembered events. And it's not because of what I've drunk; it's because there is just too much to remember. Case in point came this morning as I transferred photos from my camera to my laptop for a backup (a good idea, by the way; you can at least salvage a chunk of what you've done, if your camera is stolen or dies). I'd forgotten till I looked at the photos that I'd had a laugh-filled pre-show exchange with Dave Olbrich and Jim Sokolowski in which we chatted happily about the long-ago days when Dave (with Malibu) and Ski (with Marvel) lived through the acquisition of Malibu, the marketing of the time, and so on and definitely so forth. And, in the midst of all that, we were delighted to see Jim Lee with his family cheeerily preparing to enter the floor. (Mind you, this morning I'm frustrated to realize I don't know the names of Jim's other family members, but I love the photo and hope someone out there can fill in the details. In any case, I'm just saying: Nice!)

Ski's now Archie Comic Publications' Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development - and it is terrific seeing him again and - And if I don't post this right now, I'll miss the first panel I need to attend.

Jim Lee and Family


2012 Comic-Con Preview Night

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I grabbed the chance to give Jill Thompson
a copy of our Parent's Guide to the
Best Kids' Comics. Her work is, of course,
recommended therein.
As ever, there are choices for bloggers, Tweeters, and the like at Comic-Con International: San Diego: doing or posting. Tweeting is simple, but even that means Taking a Moment. So you're in a world surrounded by activities and fascinating people and news - but TIME OUT! I've been taking notes about a vast variety of news, not to mention catching up with people I haven't seen for at least a year. And, to top it off, the jammed Preview Night is the least crowded the floor will be. So it meant lugging my two totes around, greeting with hugs, taking a few photos and moving along. (Moving along is a good idea; security is rightly keeping people from blocking halls and aisles. Rightly, because really. But it can be hard to grab a moment when at times you must, like a shark, keep moving to survive. Oh, come on. It's not that bad. Because really. But it's not the time for an in-depth interview.) The exhibitor booths are different. Given folks' need to do business so one shouldn't hog time, you can still talk to people. Which will be a goal for today. After I give blood. Which I need to head out to do now. Yikes!


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