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Sunday, January 11, 1970

Fanzine Library: Comic Art #1 (Spring 1961)

Comic Art was one of the very earliest fanzines covering the world of comics and science fiction. Note the inclusion of the (then) current version of the Comics Code, halfway through the issue.

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Saturday, January 10, 1970

Fanzine Library: Harbinger #1 (Autumn 1960)

In the autumn of 1960, a one-sheet mailing of a flyer titled Harbinger announced the Comic Art fanzine to come.

Was it the first publication of the Golden Age of comics fandom? Or was it the second (the first perhaps being the science-fiction fanzine Xero, with its first installment of the All in Color for a Dime feature)? There had been what might be termed a Platinum Age of comics fandom earlier, with publications by E.C. fans, by Dave Kyle, and by Ed and Betsy Curtis focusing on one or another aspect of comics. But Harbinger was the start of an ongoing, spreading amateur publishing enthusiasm that built to the world of comics collecting we know today.

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Thursday, January 1, 1970

Fanzine Library

Here are scans of some fanzines I've been involved with, stretching back to the beginning of comics fandom. (I'm old. What can I say?) At the moment, it's limited to the first issues of and HarbingerComic Art, and the first year of Newfangles.

Eventually, it should include How to Survive Comics Fandom and our listings of Dell Four-Color comics and history of comics fan awards. Eventually, I said.


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