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Friday, August 12, 2011

And, of Course, There's News at Wizard World Chicago

Steve Horton
Gary Colabuono
Hungry for news at Wizard World Chicago? Just saunter through the nicely set-up Artist's Alley and chat with the many, many folks with projects released and in the works. For example, I came across Steve Horton, who had worked years ago as an intern at Comics Buyer's Guide and who is becoming increasingly active as a freelance writer. He said he's scripting the first installment now of "Amala's Blade" for use in Dark Horse Presents by Editor Chris Warner. It's planned as what Horton called "steampunk with swords," with an initial outing in February.

And some news is scheduled for release later in the show. Retailer (and longtime collector) Gary Colabuono says he has a terrific story to share about some unique (and I use the term correctly) comics collectibles. (Well, he didn't actually specify what the story involves - but I've heard rumors. And isn't that what convention conversations are all about?)

But enough posting. Time to head for the exhibit floor again.


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