Chicken Bowl XVI Follow-Up

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This was the moment of triumph, in which Stephen Thompson (right) announced Dan Cernikovsky as winner of the binge-don't-purge event.
In the brief moment during which my laptop is functioning, I feel it incumbent upon me to provide at least a few images of Sunday's Popeye Chicken-Enhanced Chicken Bowl. Given that this laptop will crash at any moment, let's see what I can post before it does ...
... And, indeed, crash it did. When will I learn to save, save, save? In any case, the house was filled with about 50 attendees - from as far away as New York City and Iola, Wisconsin. There were those who savored the food (which, yes, did include a black bean soup for the vegetarians in attendance), those who actually watched the Super Bowl, those who raced from room to room firing Nerf missiles (those racers, it should be noted, were among those still in grade school; none of those who were older came remotely close to the racers in energy level), and even a few who took photos (especially at the moment of the tiara-winning triumph of the attendee who earned the most points for chicken consumption).


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