Counting Down to San Diego

Saturday, July 17, 2010

You'd think I could come up with a different topic - especially given that I already wrote about it a couple of days ago - but to many of us (except Mark Evanier, who can cover more topics more entertainingly in 24 hours than anyone else I know) there is no other topic right now. I'm actually feeling slightly relaxed, given that my flight leaves in something like 60 hours and that I still have to finish my column in Comics Buyer's Guide, my laundry, my "to do" list, and my convention schedule, not to mention ... Oh, never mind. It's all about what I have done:

* made name badges for me and my booth buddies
* designed with Brent Frankenhoff three Excel files for convention schedules (including a list of booths we want to visit in numerical order) Comics Buyer's Guide is Booth #1419; have I mentioned that yet? Stop by, won't you?
* tried on an infinite number of slacks to see which ones will do nicely for con wear (and begun a pile of rejects that will be donated to Goodwill upon my return)
* begun watching The Towering Inferno (No, that has nothing to do with Comic-Con. I hope. But a bunch of KP current and former denizens gather each month to chat about a movie they've picked, and TTI is the next choice - which I'd like to have out of the way so I don't forget to watch it before the next meeting. I lead an exciting life.)
* bought a slew of convention supplies
* made a list of the convention supplies I'd forgotten to buy
* saw In - deliverable? -decisive? -direct? -dispensible?  No, wait. I almost figured out a mnemonic when I first realized I couldn't remember the title for five minutes in a row. Let's see. It was "insep" something, wasn't it? Inseparable? Doggone it. I vowed I wouldn't actually stoop to looking it up. But I must. Ah, yes. Inception. Enjoyed it a lot, have quibbles (my dreams, at least, change from moment to moment a lot more than these - and, yes, I gather that the "architect" keeps things more under control), but it's imaginative science fiction and nicely handles a "what if" that could not have been easy to develop. Wups. Major digression. Sorry.
* contacted the nice people who invited me to events scheduled opposite the Eisner Awards to thank them but to point out that they were, yes, scheduled opposite the Eisner Awards.
* speaking of which, begun to write the annual "In Memoriam" portion of the Eisner Awards - and I'm not at all sure I'll be able to get through them without a tremor this year.

That noted, there are sure a lot of things left to do. After all, the slacks have been sorted - but that brings up such basics as footwear, not to mention tops and jackets. 60 hours? What will I forget? (Good thing the hotel is near the Horton Plaza shopping center.)


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