The Third New Look for the Home Page

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I haven't hung out much on my website recently, mostly because experimentation continues regarding the best way to set it up and contribute to it. With Comic-Con International: San Diego coming in two weeks, I was eager to get this working, and Kindly John Jackson Miller has moved it to this iteration. (Iteration: what a great word, no?)

At the moment, I'm continuing to experiment. I just tried to post from my cell phone but found it incapable at the moment of even finding online sites via its dial-up. My fingers now figuratively crossed that it's something that Verizon will fix magically without my whining yet again at one of its stores, I'm posting from my neat little HP whatchamacallit: It's one of those lightweight, no-disc computers. (I had earlier tried an Acer, but its lunatic trackpad was, well, lunatic. I'll probably be showing off the HP at San Diego, though it requires WiFi, rather than dial-up.)

Ah, techgabble. Sorry to be gone so long. But one of the neat advantages to the revamped site is that I suddenly can see that people have been e-mailing me here without my noticing. Apologies! I'll try to get to you soon!

Now, let's see if this posts properly.


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