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Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Old Cars Show in Iola!

Once a year, the teeny town of Iola, Wisconsin, copes with an influx of old cars. I'm not talking about rusty heaps still managing to hold together well enough to get to the grocery store and back. I'm talking about Cars They Don't Make Any More. And it's not as though we're not used to it here. Thanks to Krause Publications' long-running Old Cars Weekly, we've long been accustomed to seeing classic vehicles parked in the lot next to the latest models (and, for that matter, my own aging Ford Focus station wagon). But even the KP parking lot has been turned over exclusively to collector cars. In a quick walk down some of Iola's village streets today, I just pointed my pocket camera and shot images of vehicles not on display -- but used as actual transportation, just part of today's traffic. It's a trip to the past ...


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