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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, I've Been Busy

Anyone preparing to set up a blogging situation knows (or should know) that one of the basics of the art form is that one must blog frequently: the goal being one post per day. This doesn't mean one can babble about the breakfast menu of the day, and the aim is also that the content be worth reading.


I paid a gazillion dollars for a new phone so that I could blog more easily. The display didn't work and, after two months, I'm still trying to get it to function.

I became aggressive about posting samples of unusual comic strips at my other blogsite -- and almost immediately became enmeshed in a book project that, while cool, was so time-consuming that I had no time to scan strip selections.

And this website -- for which one of my goals was to post scans of early fanzines Don and I produced -- morphed, which complicated even that.

But it's May, the weather outside is gorgeous, and how better to celebrate that than to renew my pledge to blog! Excelsior!


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