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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Underdog for young audiences

One of the advantages to being in a different house is the ability to evaluate that household's DVD collection. I've been noting the content of Underdog: The Ultimate Collection (a three-DVD set, 9 original shows, 18 complete episodes) currently playing in the Thompson household in Maryland.

It contains, not only the expected adventures of the super-identity of Friendly Lovable Shoeshine Boy, but also the features "Hunter," "Go Go Gophers," "Klondike Kat," "Tennessee Tuxedo," and "Tooter Turtle." (The [Native American] Gophers, by the way, are just about as non-PC as you can get -- except that they're smarter than the military types whose lives they complicate.)

They're definitely adventures of another era -- but I note that almost without exception the wildest violence happens offscreen. Villains may tote tommy guns, but it seems to me that less damage is done than in the average Warner Brothers cartoon. Explosions abound, but the results tend toward holes in walls and scuff marks on those involved.

And how do the adventures seem to fare with today's children (aka 7-year-old Jonah and 4-year-old Grace)? The kids seem to be having a good time. As am I.


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