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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Starbucks Splash Sticks

Travel can expose you to many delights you don't encounter if you stay locked in a limited routine.

Linda Holmes had blogged some time ago about the utility of Starbucks splash sticks, and I'd kept an eye out for them at the assorted Starbucks kiosks I encounter in the course of a month or so. But I'd never seen one of the little devils. The catch is, of course, that a Starbucks in an airport or in a bookstore isn't necessarily an actual Starbucks-owned venue: a part of the chain, per se. But Denise and I were in the neighborhood of a true Starbucks site on Friday, and (in the midst of sipping a Mint Chocolate Frappacino Venti) I asked about the availability of the splash sticks.

The kindly proprietor smiled benevolently and handed me five! I gave one to Denise, we showed one to a customer seated at a table when she asked to see one, and I am now the proud owner of four Starbucks splash sticks: at least one of which I shall carry with me on coffee-purchasing shopping trips. What a great idea! (Thanks, Linda! Thanks, Starbucks!)


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