Clambering on the horse again

Sunday, April 27, 2008

OK, I admit it.

The foul-up with SuperPhone (a Mobile PC from Verizon) a week ago made me wary of posting online again. It looks as though everyone is in the midst of figuring out what the problem is -- and, in the meantime, I shan't attempt such communications again. Me for ordinary postings via ordinary computers.

Except that later in the week, the Dell from which I'm posting at the moment (yes, another home computer; I seem to be wallowing in computers) suddenly decided that it wasn't going to accept its wireless keyboard (though its wireless mouse worked just fine). I replaced the batteries, turned everything off (going so far as to unplug everything), turned everything on again -- nope. I tried deleting the keyboard and adding it again -- nope. I checked some of the "Help" information, and it suggested using a wired keyboard to do the hookup. So I bought a (cheapo) wired keyboard and this morning finally had nerve enough to plug it into the USB port. At which point, the Dell announced proudly that it had located a wireless keyboard and didn't I want to use it?

Heck, yes.

I've left the wired keyboard hooked in as a threat to the wireless keyboard. Maybe that'll keep it in line. And I'm back to the "daily" blog.


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