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Wednesday, August 5, 1970

Fanzine Library: Newfangles #10 (March 1968)

Now officially monthly, the newsletter expanded coverage, noting price increases and other pro news as well as fan items.

News included: winners (including Will Eisner) of the National Cartoonists Society awards; deaths of cartoonist Rudolph Dirks (91) and mystery writer and SF editor Anthony Boucher (56); variant pricing of 15 cents of Gold Key comics in New York City and on the West Coast; a fire at Bill Thailing's house; publication of Zap Comics ("We blithely admit we didn't understand it, but we dig it. Crumb, says [Bill] Spicer, draws like a retarded Basil Wolverton. True." Sigh. Showing our age and non PC-ness, even then.)

National called off editorial-office tours for the time being; Creepy and Eerie Editor Bill Parente was looking for contributors ($25 story, $10 per page art); and lots and lots more.

Reviews of The Spectacular Spider-Man, His Name Is ... Savage!, and Creepy. Bruce Anderson comments, "Charlton lists exact numbers of subscribers, without rounding off. They get credit for the comic with the fewest subscribers -- Army War Heroes, with 5 average for the 12 months."

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